Violet Stars and Goodwill Hunting!

Well what’s up there everyone! I’m back to blog again for you guys. Well to start things off, I have now started my senior year of high school and in transition to college. Things are challenging but I know the benefits in the end will be abundant and I will be successful! This post is about my back to school shopping. This year I promised myself I’d do as minimal retail shopping as I could. One, to steer away from wearing ANYTHING anyone else would wear. Second, because frugality is the best policy! This post is a compilation of my somewhat new take on style lately, first week outfits, and thrift store findings! I have the outfits I wore Monday – Wednesday posted. They mostly consisted of tribal printed button ups which I have fallen into an unhealthy love with, and shorts. The jean shorts are D.I.Y. I cut some thrifted jeans and hoped for cut offs but got a mixture of both that and shorts instead. The wonderful sports jacket of colors blue, white, and purple is one that I am crazy over. I found it at a Value Village (which is an amazing thrift store, well at least the location I went to). I saw it and the colors and fit just resonated with me. Everything in this post is from either Value Village or Goodwill except for the olive green vans which are a nice touch to a lot of things I have already and have recently purchased and, the nice red, white, and blue striped cardigan that I love and got from a consignment shop called Rag-O-Rama. I bought all of these pieces in one day and was extremely exhausted after searching. But overall, I am proud to say that I am a  happy thrift addict and will continue to hopefully find fantastic pieces just like I have in this post. Be back soon!


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