You don’t know me anymore.


Hey I’m back again. This post will basically be me this summer. Shirt tucked into dress shorts with loafers. This v-neck I bought at the Old Navy at Atlantic Station. Rare, because I seldom shop there which I should more often. I got this shirt along with 3 other t-shirts which I desperately need thanks to this swiltering heat. The shorts I purchased from Last Chance Thrift Store LAST summer… haha. Anyways, my H.S. Trask loafers that I have fallen in love with make me happy. Not only because they’re classic but because my other brown ones were stolen so when I bought these I felt reunited and a sense of triumph. The shirt tucked in look compliments the loafers because of the dressy aspect but also keeps it summer looking because of the fact that it is a t-shirt. Welp it’s been nice but I’m bringing this to a close! May summer bring wonderful things to you and I!

V-Neck: Old Navy // Dress Shorts: Last Chance Thrift Store // H.S. Trask Loafers: Last Chance Thrift Store


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