The lovers used to make love and die just to give us a piece of their beautiful.

I’m back with another outfit post! Before I begin I’d just like to add that this summer has taken me through an emotional journey and has been the best one (in certain ways) so far. I’ve had to make many sacrifices but I know God will work everything out in the end, he always does. I can’t believe school is getting close either, this summer was really short. Speaking of school I did a little ‘school shopping’ I guess. I went thrifting and it was quite the adventure. I must say I was kinda tired after finding a bunch of amazing things! I got like 13 pieces for $40. Not too shabby in my book. Some articles of clothing are in this post, well one lol. I’s the over sized denim shirt. It was tough deciding to get it because there weren’t any in my size and I really needed it and it was $4 so I said what the hay, it was an XL ugh. It’s too big so had to tuck it in which is what I’ll probably be doing from now on. The cardigan is actually my dad’s. Who knew he could dress lol? I found it today, it was kinda big which sucks but oh well I really like it. I wore some slacks and my brown tuxedo oxfords and the clear Wayfarers that I recently re-purchased after breaking my first pair ugh. But I hope my blogging becomes more frequent because I love to blog so hopefully you hear from me sooner!

Cardigan: Dad’s | Denim Shirt: Thrift Store | Slacks: Vintage | Tuxedo Oxfords: Rag- O-Rama






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